About Us

Keeping a home nice and tidy seems to be a full time job at times. Vacuum Doctor can tell you firsthand how important having the right tools at your disposal is. Vacuum cleaners are indispensable at saving massive quantities of time picking up dust and dirt off of the ground. Over time vacuums can degenerate and breakdown. When this happens call Vacuum Doctor for our vacuum cleaner repair services.

Vacuum Doctor knows that quality vacuums are expensive. Vacuum Doctor, Inc. is the premium vacuum center in Central and Southern Maine, selling and servicing premium brands such as Miele, Oreck, and Lindhaus. We also service and repair all major brands of vacuum's including Kirby, Electrolux, and Rainbow. We have over 30 years experience and pride ourselves on our high-quality service and repairs in the Portland, ME area. We offer the largest inventory of refurbished vacuum cleaners in Maine! With our 30 plus years of experience, we can offer you only the best recommendations for your vacuum needs in the Portland, ME area!